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How ETF will make bitcoin just another brick in the wall.

Do you remember the energy in 2017? When the concept of blockchain landed in the collective conscious? People from all over the world where excited. Finally there was a new revolution. Finally there was a new glimp o  freedom on the horizon. Wise brave minds had developed a tool to break free from banks and governments. Blockchain tech would make free and independent.

We would transform the world with tech by building layers of trust all over the internet. Those trust ecosystems would guarantee you a save transparent place without corruption. It would connect people, machines, information and knowledge. This all would change the world as we know it. Corruption would be impossible, or at least traceable. Supply and demand would find its fulfilling on the chain. Middleman would be superfluous. Blockchain would take over much labor so humans had not to work 5 days a week. And the best part… Why we gets excited and fall in love with it was… it was ours, open source and decentralized or at least everybody could join the community for free.

Blockchain would make us free and independent. It would transform the world for the good. The big mothership of trust was an electronic currency: the Bitcoin. All the transactions of this currency where transparent, beautiful lined up in the blocks. This mothership would soon make big impact on the banking world, it would attack this old school financial strongholds, and crush them just by being transparent, decentralized, and more effective. Bitcoin did not need expensive buildings in the city center or high paid managers with bonus.

With only 21 million coins you had to hurry to get your share. The price exploded. Or as they like to say, it went to the moon. Big profits where made. But the money attracted other forces. 2017 ended and in early 2018 things went terribly wrong. The value was taken over by speculation and the price collapses.

People and greed, history on repeat.

In less than 8 months they forget why blockchain was unique. Greed made us blind. We are about to forget the new alternative against banking, bad goverments and corruption is within our reach.

With ETF they try to artificial pump the price back to the moon. But they are selling there soils to the crypto devil. As soon as bitcoin is just another asset on the stockmarked, it will lose its power and become just another brick in the wall. Do you remember what one of the main causes of the financial crisis of 2008 was? To much not real existing money was lent out by banks. This money was simply not backed up by real value. Thats why we call it the 2008 credit crisis. With ETF we do the same with bitcoin. Trading bitcoin without being covered with real bitcoins. Bitcoin will become an asset controlled by other curranty. Not a fair corruption proof independent curranty on its own.  21 million coins will dilute as soon as ETF is confirmed, and on a longer term be equal to 100 million coins. The price will drop (in my opinion) to the gold standard or worse. And Bitcoin would be controlled by the big money and the banks.

This is an emergency call to the bitcoin community.

Keep your coin pure. Do not contaminate it with other junk. Find a way to break the power of the speculators. And be an example for a fair world.

Bitcoin is the queen bee in the crypto hyve. If you kill a queen bee then the whole bee population will die. By giving the power back to the banks we give up the unique element of blockchain… TRUST…With bitcoin they can manipulate the crypto marked. ETF is a dark cloud on the horizon.

Ze hieven het glas en deden een plas en alles bleef zoals het was.